Emergency Lighting
Emergency Lighting – Service, Installation and Maintenance

Emergency lighting is a requirement for most commercial businesses under British Standards BS5266. We at Delta Tech undertake all work required to have your business meet these requirements.

Our installation engineers are qualified electricians who can install emergency lighting in any commercial business premises of any size

Servicing and maintenance is also completed by our highly skilled and qualified electricians.

We pride ourselves on offering a simple, fully compliant and stress free approach, allowing clients to get on with their day to day business.


Servicing of Emergency Lighting

Our engineers are fully qualified and trained to undertake servicing of your emergency lighting. On service visits to your premises we constantly evaluate your building complies to current BS 5266 standards and report as required.

Servicing of emergency lighting needs to be carried out every year for you to meet BS 5266. We commonly service lighting at the same time as fire alarm systems and fire fighting equipment (where due), thus saving multiple visits to site which limits disruption to your day to day business activities.

If extra work is required such as replacement of lights, we will often have the ability to replace them on the day.

Monthly Test ‘Flick Test’ of Emergency Lighting

As part of your service agreement, you would have unlimited access to our technical team’s superb knowledge.

Upon our site visits, we will train your staff how to undertake critical monthly testing. Monthly testing needs to be carried out every month by a member of your team. It usually it takes a matter of minutes to ‘Flick Test’ your emergency lighting, but rest assured our fully qualified team will guide you through to completion.

Installation, Design and Maintenance of Emergency Lighting

Our engineers are qualified to Design, Install and Maintain your emergency lighting.

From full new design of emergency lighting systems to re-cabling and replacement fittings, no job is too small or big.

We offer a free site survey and quotation for any system, so please contact us at your earliest opportunity to book in a free site visit.